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Hautboy after Carlo Palanca

Pitch A=405 Hz.
Stained boxwood. Three silver rings and keys.


The original instrument

Private collection. « Straight top » hautboy, light stained boxwood. One silver ring at the top has been replaced by a horn ring. Place of an ivory ring on the bell, rather badly cracked. The mark Carlo Palanca can be seen on each joint. This hautboy has probably been made during the 1750s.

This straight top hautboy is the only known instrument of this type by Carlo Palanca. Its low pitch (A = 405 Hz) could indicate that it was played in Rome where the standard was rather low at that time.
Carlo Palanca was active in Torino during most of the XVIIIth century, since he died in 1783 almost a hundred years old.

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Photos by Philippe Roulaud